Books everyone knows about books. Some people like books. Others not so much. The places that a book can take you is endless it is all up to two things. One being what book you are reading. The other is how endless your imagination is. If you have a poor imagination then you are probably not going to be able to see or feel how the characters are. If you have an endless imagination you will be teleported into the story you will see and feel the charictors and their feelings. Books are magical they have the power to make you live your dreams or concur your fears. Books are great but only if you give them the chance to be. Even though books are magical in every way possible people have stopped caring and that is making books stop being made. If people are not going to read the books then no one is going to buy the books making the books no longer being needed. If you see that a book is very well not in the best condition then don’t go for a better looking book go for the book that more people have read then expand to see all of the wonderful places that each book will bring you.