You may sometimes think that it is better if you keep your emotions to yourself well it’ not you should always tell some one your emotions and how you feel about a topic but the ththG86Y031Wing is that I keep my emotions to myself until I can’t keep them in any longer and that just hurts my family because I am all over the place one second I will be smiling the next I am crying and you never want to see me when I am angry. I make my family go through a lot of pain and it kills me to see them put on a happy face just so that I wont think that they are unhappy. When they are unhappy it makes me unhappy which leads me to more emotions that I can’t contain. It is all just a downward spiral that makes you very, very unhappy and you will start to hurt your own family and you will be unhappy forever well that is what it feels like. Don’t make the same mistake that I did tell people or a person that you trust tell them about all of your emotions and all of your feelings and don’t ever bottle them up you may think that by doing that you are doing the right thing but you will hurt your family in the future and that is afeelings bad thing if you hurt your family. Never be afraid to tell some one how you feel and I am not talking about the little emotions like happy I mean the feelings that overwhelm you and that you can’t put a name on all you can do is describe how it makes you feel and that is the emotions that are like bullies. That’s a good way to describe them as bullies. They are your emotional bullies. They make you very well however they make you feel. Every emotional bully is different for everyone the can make you think that you are not important like you don’t even matter or they can make you want to kill yourself but those are just two ways that an emotional bully can make you feel but the sad thing that drives me crazy is the fact that you can never get rid of emotional bullies they are stuck with you just like you are stuck with them they don’t go away unless you can find some kind of way that you wont feel any emotions but that is well impossible to do because everything makes you feel a certain way and that way is special to you because you feel the way about an emotional bully that someone else may feel completely different about but you can get through any thing that you put your mind to. So put your mind to finding the person that you can talk to about all of your emotions and about your emotional bullies. I know that this is a lot to take in but it is best if you know now than later because once you start bottling up your emotions it is very difficult to stop so don’t even start at all tell some one about how every thing makes you feel. Be true to you and not to someone else, because someone else is someone else that isn’t you so worry about you and if someone comes to you with their own emotional bullies don’t laugh just welcome them in like you would want them to do to you. Your emotions are the well one of the things that make you different than others. I have been there and I am still like that and it just hurts me to hurt my family.


4 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. WoW, thank you for sharing your heart!! You are so right, we all have emotions we have to deal with it can sometimes feel like we’re on a roller coaster, and we really are it’s called
    The “Roller Coaster” of LIFE!!
    My prayer for you today is to be that SOMEBODY that God created you to be!!
    Jeremiah 29:11
    He has a purpose and a plan for YOU! Sometimes it’s hard for us to get into His plan, because we first have to get “OUR” plans out of the way!
    Remember this ONE thing IF nothing else!!
    Don’t ever forget that!!
    Look your self in the mirror every single day and Say!
    I AM somebody, What I think and What I feel is important,
    I WILL BLESS Someone today for by doing so I know
    I WILL be BLESSED!!!

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