People are not always nice and this post is going out to the adults out there. Why do you some times see people who need help like well homeless people. You see them because they need to be seen. Give them a sandwich to eat and some water to drink or even a pillow or blanket to keep them warm. Be nice to them and they just might surprise you. I am not saying to let a stranger live with you at your home you can if you would like to but that’s you I am saying to do a deed of kindness. People all around the world are being mean to one another that is how wars are started. Now if people go along better don’t you think that the amounts of wars would decrees over time. The possibilities are endless to what one act of kindness will  do back to you. Have you ever heard of Karma? Karma is when you do some thing good or bad and you get either punished or rewarded for what you did. And there is no end to what could happen if you have good karma. If you have bad karma you need to be careful if you do more good deeds then your bad karma will lessen I am not saying that your karma will completely go away I am saying that you will have a better chance of not being punished if you do good deeds but you can’t rely on the good deeds to always save you must do good things in life always in order to keep good karma.

That is all I have to say to you all about that.