Life.Life is what you make it to be. You make your life the way you want it. You can’t always control what happens in your life but you can control how you react to that event. I remember in science class we was learning about stimulus and response. Then I saw that the stimulus is the event that you didn’t plan for and ho you react is the response. Life is the same for every living organism. ( Organism – Any living thing.) Every life is connected. You may not even realize it but you and a stranger are more alike than you think you are. Life is the one thing that links us together and e all go through life on what seems to be different paths but really we all are going through the same things. An example is how many people in the world are starving? Yes I know this is a sad example but just think about it you don’t have to give me a number. This example is that multiple people are going through the same thing hunger starvation. That is just one path or stimulus in life. Life is going to get harder and harder but life is actually basically the same all through your life. Life is going to throw some curve balls at you but you will come out knowing more than you ever thought possible. In life there are many things that can make you think terrible things but you should never ever do those terrible things. Just because you think something doesn’t mean that you have the right to do those things. Life is the thing that keeps us all balanced. You might not even realize it but cayuse is every where you look  it may be small like a colony of ants drowning from the rain. It may be big like a world war, but my point is that every one goes through similar things people drown and so do many other organisms. We are linked together by what happens in life that stimulus but how we differ is by what we choose  to do when it is time to respond. Some of us cry or grief others may get up and realize what needs to be done. No matter what you do you will be linked together by another stimulus. A wise person one said ” History dies without the present. There is no future without the path made to it by the past”- Aidan Chambers. Some people have already figured out that the future is shaped from the past it is all just a repetition of what has already happened in the past. Just think have you ever thought that you had already done something before that you was doing now like a conversation that you swear that you already had. That is called Deja Vu. It happens because you most likely have already done that before after all humans see things that happened 5 seconds ago so if you are moving on to the next word when reading you have already seen that 5 seconds ago. That is crazy isn’t it. Well it is true. That is how sometimes people can grab a plate that fell because that had really happened 5 seconds ago. Anyway back to the topic I will write another post about the strange things that humans do without knowing. So life is the connection that we all have. We are all  connected by different things we are all the same well not the same that would be weird. We are all just really alike. We do the same kind of things that other animals do and that other humans do. Open your eyes and you will see that the world is not really all that different it just has a little bit of things that are not incorporated in you. Life throws some fast balls and some curve balls but that is just how life is. Life will try to trick you but you hopefully can’t be tricked. Life will make you do or say things that you may wish that you didn’t do or say. Life is what you make of it but you really can’t control everything in life if you could nothing interesting would happen and that would be a life that I will never ever , ever live in and hopefully you wouldn’t want to live in that kind of world either. Just about life I have only written or well typed seven hundred and fifty-one words. And guess what I still have a lot more to go to reach my goal of one thousand words. That is a lot of words but it would take a lot more words to tell you every thing that I would like to tell you about life so I am going to get back to the main idea that this post is suppose to be about . Life that is what I am writing well typing about I can not help but stopping every few words to try to explain in better words hat I am trying to say. So Life. Life is going to always make you think or even want to do things that you  hopefully know that you should not do. Even though life is going to do that you just need to learn to go with the punches or block your self from getting hit in the first place. Life is going to be mean ( Even though it can not actually be mean it is an object that is not living) but by being nice to life you will be able to love your life and you can think of life as a bully yeah think of life like a bully life is sometimes making it hard to be happy and is that not like the same thing as a bully would do? This is a lot of information to try and take in so you might have to read all of this a few times so that you will be able to fully grasp the fact that life is connecting every thing to every one. Hey look I have made it to my goal I actually have gone over my goal so I should probably  stop typing and rap this up so my total amount of words that I have typed is 1058 words can you believe that I surely can not but now I have typed even more words so that is all folks about life well at least for now. Bye.  


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People are not always nice and this post is going out to the adults out there. Why do you some times see people who need help like well homeless people. You see them because they need to be seen. Give them a sandwich to eat and some water to drink or even a pillow or blanket to keep them warm. Be nice to them and they just might surprise you. I am not saying to let a stranger live with you at your home you can if you would like to but that’s you I am saying to do a deed of kindness. People all around the world are being mean to one another that is how wars are started. Now if people go along better don’t you think that the amounts of wars would decrees over time. The possibilities are endless to what one act of kindness will  do back to you. Have you ever heard of Karma? Karma is when you do some thing good or bad and you get either punished or rewarded for what you did. And there is no end to what could happen if you have good karma. If you have bad karma you need to be careful if you do more good deeds then your bad karma will lessen I am not saying that your karma will completely go away I am saying that you will have a better chance of not being punished if you do good deeds but you can’t rely on the good deeds to always save you must do good things in life always in order to keep good karma.

That is all I have to say to you all about that.



Books everyone knows about books. Some people like books. Others not so much. The places that a book can take you is endless it is all up to two things. One being what book you are reading. The other is how endless your imagination is. If you have a poor imagination then you are probably not going to be able to see or feel how the characters are. If you have an endless imagination you will be teleported into the story you will see and feel the charictors and their feelings. Books are magical they have the power to make you live your dreams or concur your fears. Books are great but only if you give them the chance to be. Even though books are magical in every way possible people have stopped caring and that is making books stop being made. If people are not going to read the books then no one is going to buy the books making the books no longer being needed. If you see that a book is very well not in the best condition then don’t go for a better looking book go for the book that more people have read then expand to see all of the wonderful places that each book will bring you.





You may sometimes think that it is better if you keep your emotions to yourself well it’ not you should always tell some one your emotions and how you feel about a topic but the ththG86Y031Wing is that I keep my emotions to myself until I can’t keep them in any longer and that just hurts my family because I am all over the place one second I will be smiling the next I am crying and you never want to see me when I am angry. I make my family go through a lot of pain and it kills me to see them put on a happy face just so that I wont think that they are unhappy. When they are unhappy it makes me unhappy which leads me to more emotions that I can’t contain. It is all just a downward spiral that makes you very, very unhappy and you will start to hurt your own family and you will be unhappy forever well that is what it feels like. Don’t make the same mistake that I did tell people or a person that you trust tell them about all of your emotions and all of your feelings and don’t ever bottle them up you may think that by doing that you are doing the right thing but you will hurt your family in the future and that is afeelings bad thing if you hurt your family. Never be afraid to tell some one how you feel and I am not talking about the little emotions like happy I mean the feelings that overwhelm you and that you can’t put a name on all you can do is describe how it makes you feel and that is the emotions that are like bullies. That’s a good way to describe them as bullies. They are your emotional bullies. They make you very well however they make you feel. Every emotional bully is different for everyone the can make you think that you are not important like you don’t even matter or they can make you want to kill yourself but those are just two ways that an emotional bully can make you feel but the sad thing that drives me crazy is the fact that you can never get rid of emotional bullies they are stuck with you just like you are stuck with them they don’t go away unless you can find some kind of way that you wont feel any emotions but that is well impossible to do because everything makes you feel a certain way and that way is special to you because you feel the way about an emotional bully that someone else may feel completely different about but you can get through any thing that you put your mind to. So put your mind to finding the person that you can talk to about all of your emotions and about your emotional bullies. I know that this is a lot to take in but it is best if you know now than later because once you start bottling up your emotions it is very difficult to stop so don’t even start at all tell some one about how every thing makes you feel. Be true to you and not to someone else, because someone else is someone else that isn’t you so worry about you and if someone comes to you with their own emotional bullies don’t laugh just welcome them in like you would want them to do to you. Your emotions are the well one of the things that make you different than others. I have been there and I am still like that and it just hurts me to hurt my family.