The people that you call your friends may not be you true friends they may seem like they are but they can stab you in the back at any moment. Some friends are true friends but it is rare that you will find a true friend. The people that are reading this post or any of my other posts or even following my blog those are my friends those are the people that I trust with my secrets if you are the first time reader that has just now found my blog and is just now reading my blog than you are the ones that I have to watch out for because I don’t know you well right now you will have to prove to me that I can trust you and I really want to trust you but I have been stabbed in the back to many times and because of that I have become different than I used to be I am now more cautious than I was and I hope that you don’t give me a reason not to trust you.



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Bullies. They are every where and I am even in a position with multiple bullies. I do get scared who am I kidding I am terrified of these bullies. They call me fat they make me want to kill myself. I have done a lot of attempts to kill myself but they all never worked even today these bullies wont leave me alone. I have slit my wrists and ties a cord around my neck just to escape these bullies. I wish that I had some one to help me then I remember that I have all of you to help me whenever I feel like that. I wish that you all would send me things to remind me that I have a reason to live and that I shouldn’t die but I cant find that on my own please help me before it goes to far

















































































































































































































































Fashion Disaster

The things that I go through. If I were to tell you all of them right now you would never be able to come back to my blog. But here is one thing that went terribly wrong. My mom had finally let me dress myself but what she didn’t say was that we had to go out into town that day so I was dressed in a crop top with zebra leggings and leather boots that came all the way to my knees and the worst part was that so many guys kept whistling at me and that was so embarrassing because after that people kept staring at me this was a real disaster.

Has this happened to you or something similar if so tell me your story.

Presidental electon

well here it is I am not going to try to make you vote for some one all I have  to say is that you should look into the person that you think that you might want to vote for but I just do not like voting and you can read all about that in my other post “why vote”.

Endangered Animals how they need our help

endangered animals need our help and if we don’t help we will loose them forever and that would be so terrible to have to live in a world without a animal that was desperately seeking our help donate to help save them ride a bike to work instead of driving a car or even walking some times instead of riding in a car no matter what you do to help you still helped and that is the important thing. Now get out there and change the world that you are living in.